VMware vSphere 5.1.0 's vim-cmd command reference guide

I have spent some time searching the internet looking for a refernce manual for
VMware vSphere's vim-cmd command. But I couldn't find it.
So I decided to fetch all the commands manually!

The approach I've chosen was to write a PHP script which connected to the server via SSH
and executed `vim-cmd help` command.

As the result, it generated a reference list of commands.
I need this list becuase I'm going to write an application which uses these commands and provides a REST API for ESXi.
I want to make sure that I've included all the available commands and haven't missed anything!

I have attached these two files to this post:
1 - List of all command names
2 - List of all comands with descriptions

I hope it will help somebody like me.

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